Friday, 2 February 2018

Storms and snakes

Yesterday was a moody stormy and very cold day, when even Coco didn't really want to move from her bed by the radiator in the kitchen.   The north-westerly winds were blowing straight into the front of the house, bitterly cold.  All sorts of weather blew through, it even tried to snow at one point.

Today a different sort of day.  No wind at all.  Warmth in the sun.  Birds singing.  Hooded crows tumbling in pairs as they fly.  It does feel as if everything is waking up.  

Still cold enough though to wear a winter coat when outside.  Farmer and I went up to Glac Gugaraidh this afternoon so that we could look at the possibility of doing some fencing up there, and where the fence line might go.  

As we were walking, I thought to myself, it would be too cold for Adders, surely they would still be hibernating. So I got the fright of my life when I suddenly spotted one all curled up a couple of feet away from where I was standing!  Yikes!

Later on in the afternoon Farmer noticed a large bird sitting very still on the knoll next to Duill lochan.  He came to get me and my long lens!  Unfortunately the lens wouldn't focus as it was quite dark.   So these 2 were hurriedly taken with my shorter lens!  All in a days work.  

And now I am sitting, it has just got dark, and a Tawny owl is hooting outside the office window.  


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