Saturday, 6 January 2018

Tups off

Early January and the annual task of taking the tups off and sorting the ewes out.  The ewes are given a vitamin supplement and check up before being let back to the hill.   The ewes are condition scored, which means Farmer makes sure each ewe is in good condition to go back to the hill - and any that feel a bit lean will be kept back for supplementary feeding!   

Yesterday Farmer and DG spent the day working in the fank with the big lot of hill ewes. The forecast was for rain.  But thankfully it didn't.   

Today it is sunny and SB is helping putting another lot through.  The tups were all in a pen to the side.  The oldest ones will be sold so they do not mate their daughters.  The younger ones will hang out in a gang together until next November when tupping starts again. 

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