Thursday, 5 January 2017

Happy Christmas Happy New Year

I am not at sure what happened to December.  It just disappeared.  I am sorry I haven't posted a blog since the 6th December. No Christmas greeting, no looking back on the year, no well wishes for the coming new year.  I had good intentions but things just got in the way and I didn't get any written at all. I think I am finding it quite difficult to keep 2 blogs going and I am thinking of bringing the two blogs into the one place on the website but I haven't completely decided yet!  

I hope you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and that 2017 brings happiness, health and peace to you all.

We have had a busy Christmas and New Year in the cottages and in the farm house with lots of family and friends staying - the last of whom departed today.  Lots of socialising and cooking and all of that, as well as the usual farm chores!    Wind and gales affected some of the ferries before Christmas so guests arrived early to avoid the cancelled crossings.

Farmer's enthusiasm was a little over the top when setting light to the Christmas pudding this year - thankfully no damage done to anyone or anything! 

My last blog post mentioned the tups were out and that the weather had been kind so far!  The weather continued to be quite kind until we were hit by Storm Barbara and Storm Conor.  I think Conor was worse than Barbara for us but we were lucky not to have any damage (that we have noticed yet...!)   The ewes were all gathered before tupping from the hill and along the coast so this ewe on the top of Dun Haunn is not likely to have a lamb as she will not have seen the tup! 

We had some great walks with friends and family - always reminds us of how lucky we are to live here!  

It is now time to separate the tups from the ewes as they should all have mated by now.  We will find out how many are in lamb in February when the scanner comes to scan the ewes.  There is always a concern that the new tups are all working and that we won't find a large number of ewes not carrying a lamb, which would indicate there might be a fertility problem in one of the tups.  It hasn't happened yet, and long may it stay that way!

We haven't really been very far off Treshnish but we did venture to Tobermory for the Bells on Hogmanay - it is a friendly gathering to exchange good wishes for the New Year with everyone around you - and to watch the Fireworks which were wonderful.  

We are doing a bit of work in Toechtamhor this winter so it is blocked out from the end of January.   West is changing around as we make the bedroom an ensuite kingsize bedroom rather than a twin and reduce the number the cottage sleeps from 2 + 2 to 2 + 1.   The living area will be more spacious and still enjoy those wonderful views of the sea.   Middle is also getting a kingsize bed as is the Studio mezzanine bedroom!  

We have already got a lot of bookings for the year ahead which is wonderful.  A large percentage of our bookings are repeats, and it means a lot to us that so many people want to come back - time and time again too!  We really love sharing the beauty of this extraordinary piece of land, and it is great to know that lots of people appreciate the place as much as we do. 
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