Thursday, 21 July 2016

Family holiday

There has been a bit of a gap in the blog this month as we went off on the annual island hopping family holiday at the beginning of the month.

As some of you will know we are creatures of habit and go each year to the same place on the Isle of Barra.  It gives us a good sense of what it is like for those of you who come here every year - those questions and expectations popping into my thoughts before we get there?

Will we have a good crossing? (No, quite rough!)
Will anything have changed in the cottage?  (New lights in the kitchen and sheepskins on the sofa)
Will they have started building the new house (right) next door?  (No)
Will any of my favourite tin sheds have blown down? (Yes)
Will we hear the corncrake from the cottage as in previous years? (No, sadly - and we felt their continued absence keenly)  (We did see a corncrake chick though which was very exciting)
What will the weather be like? (Terrible some of the time, fantastic some of the time).

Will it be the best holiday ever? (Yes, it always is).

Machair on N. Uist

Sunset over the neighbours rooves

A spare chair on Vatersay

Tide rushing in

Oystercatchers catching the light

Noctilucent clouds

Sea spaghetti

Sitting ducks

Washing out

Peat cuttings

House next door

Only the window display to show this is the Top Shop

Wheels of Stonecrop

In the oven

Dogs on a leash

The castle in the bay on our last evening

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