Friday, 8 January 2016

The New Year is here

What a way to end the old year and bring in the new! We had an aurora! Happy New Year to all our guests - new faces and old faces - and to all of you who read the blogs!  We hope that 2016 is a good year for you all. 

We had a lovely Christmas in spite of the boiler issues.  We had a lovely New Year too.  Farmer still had his stock feeding to do, and always a few chores, but we had friends staying and that was really nice. The cottages were all full, and despite the power cut in 80mph winds our guests all had a wonderful time - 6 out of 8 were here for the first time, but appear to have made the right choice - not phased by the weather, and cosy and warm where they were.  One of our regulars sat outside Toechtamhor watching the aurora - so they were very happy! 

Farmer and family disappeared off to the mainland on the 2nd. The ferry was heaving with New Year visitors and we feared the road to Stirling would be a slow one, but everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get home and we were happily in Galashiels by 8pm, just in time for a small gathering of family.  Perfect!  Next day we headed up to Edinburgh, and stayed in an Airbnb flat in the New Town with some friends who we hadn't seen for far too long.   We enjoyed the city - eating out, exhibitions, a little bit of shopping for the teens amongst us, and when we turned the car for home on the 5th we felt refreshed and as if we had been away for a lot longer!  

Coco stayed the 3 nights at her second home on Loch Tuath, we arrived to collect her in beautiful late afternoon sunshine. 

Twelfth Night and further north where the skies were clearer, they were enjoying the rare sight of an Airglow.  You can see the colour of it underneath the heavy cloud over Coll. (Note to self: I must find out what that strong light is, we have been seeing it for quite a while now)

I stood in the garden listening to the owls calling in the wood, and the waves on the shore.  

I set a time-lapse before going to bed.  The cloud did clear enough, for a moment, to catch some of the airglow movement.   An Airglow is a faint emission of light from a planetary atmosphere', and is apparently more rare than an aurora! 

There was some lovely colour in the sky - picked up by the camera, rather than the naked eye. 

Last night there was an airglow again, not as strong but the sky was clearer so the colours and faint rippling cloud was just visible - as above.

The New Year has started with a flurry of bookings for this summer, which is great.  If you are thinking of coming to Mull for a holiday this year, please have a look at the Pricing Booking page on our website for our current availability. 

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