Monday, 7 December 2015

Intermittent news

There has been little news to report on the blog recently and with the wet and wild weather I haven't been accruing dozens of images to share with you either. 

This is one of our neighbours tups with a couple of ewes along the road towards Calgary. 

The hoggs in the cattle shed are hungry for their ration now, and not nearly as flighty when you walk into the shed.  Farmer catches a few every now and then to 'condition score' (see how fat or lean they are) - this one was nicely plump! 

There have been lots of trips up and down the track to Haunn to check on the renovations in West Cottage.  Today we had a full house of builders and electricians and even our friend A doing some painting.  The new heater is fitted in the bedroom, the new ceiling is done in the bathroom and the chimney was being re-leaded.  It is going to look good!

We have some spaces left over Christmas and New Year. Please do get in touch if you would like to make a last minute decision to escape the madness of a mainland Christmas! 

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