Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A mixed week of weather and activity

I am not sure that naming a storm is a particularly good thing.  It imbues an impending storm with a sense of drama which it can well do without.  We know to batten down the hatches, we know to make sure there is nothing lying outside that might 'move', that windows are tightly shut and shed doors firmly closed.  All the name does is give it a sense of importance - and that creates fear and expectation which just wind us up.  As it happened, happily for us, Storm Abigail was not as strong as forecast.  It was windy, and ferries were disrupted, but we didn't suffer any damage.


Farmer went out to gather the Sitheans yesterday afternoon, as he is planning the main hill gather. They were going to go out tomorrow but the winds are forecast to be high again, and it would be too dangerous.  Yesterday the hail storms were so ferocious he had to lie down in the heather to shelter from the blows of the hailstones!  The dogs thought it was good fun, but he said it was absolutely freezing and very windy.

We still need one more tup to complete the team, and Farmer is going to get in touch with the farm we bought a couple from last year.   The cattle shed is home to the hoggs now.  They are learning to feed.  There is something quite peaceful about going in quietly and listening and watching.

We have had a trickle of visitors staying over the last few weeks, enjoying the cosiness of the cottages given how poor the weather has been!  One couple arrived this afternoon, a day late, as the ferries were cancelled. They had anticipated the possibility and booked into a hotel at Onich for the night, which they said was very nice.

The night skies have been dark.  Mainly cloudy and mostly wet, but every now and then a glimpse of stars and aurora.

This Croig pier shot was taken in the pouring rain!  Thank goodness for the umbrella.

Down at Haunn things have been moving on apace.   For the first time ever, a cement lorry, known as a jaeger, made it down to Haunn.  The bedroom and alcove floors are now insulated and set in concrete.  We have bought reclaimed beech flooring (uplifted from Hermitage Academy less than 2 weeks before) and this will be laid next week.  Then we can start redecorating!!  The bathroom needs a bit more time, but it will be so much warmer, with all the outside wall insulation.

Occasional bursts of sunshine have been much appreciated. 

The cattle shed hens are settling in fine, always keen to get into the cattle shed if they can. I wonder why!  The brown hen and cockerel are Cream Legbars - the darker one is a Cuckoo Maran.

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