Sunday, 19 October 2014

Farming diary

Before we go away on Monday Farmer wanted to put the tups through the fank, and to check that they were all alight.  This tup had a problem with one of his horns which was blocking him from seeing out of an eye, growing as it was so close to his face.  



and finished. It must be such a relief when it is done.

The focus now is on the next season.  Have we got enough tups for the number of ewes we want, and are they the breed we want? Before we knew it we had embarked upon a new direction.   We were unable to go to the Tup Sale in Oban so we asked J to get 2 tups for us - one blackface, and the other.. the new direction.. is a Lleyn.  Here he is below.

The next day we went to look at a couple more tups, locally.  Came home having said we would buy 3!

The farm we went to to look was in the middle of speaning their calves (taking them away).  The cows were all quite unsettled, looking and mooing for their calves. 

This was the tup selection. 

One of 2 mighty bulls who needed to get the testosterone out of their system.

This cow was hollering for her calf. 

Tonight again we saw the aurora borealis.  It was quite wonderful but very windy so not easy for astrophotography. 

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