Saturday, 19 January 2013

Taking the feed blocks beyond Port Haunn

Just a short blog post. It has been a beautiful dry almost windless day today. I had to make beds in East, and put the fridge on in West for guests arriving, and Farmer had to take feed blocks out beyond Port Haunn.  Daughter and I walked as he drove off into the distance to distribute the blocks.  Only he came back. The buggy was stranded in a bog.  Oops.  

East Cottage almost ready for guests. 

The reclaimed sign to remind us all to shut the gate properly.  This one separates the hill and coast from the fields, so is very important in keeping sheep in and out, and the deer out.

Off he goes.

The Dun, with (tiny) Rum in the distance.

We need to do a beach clean at Port Haunn.

On the other side of the blue bottle is an address in Mumbai.

Looking towards the Cairns of Coll.

Looking over the end of Gometra to the Ross of Mull.

More sea-treasure?

I am not sure what languages are on this - looks like Russian and Japanese?

I couldn't resist the rays over the Treshnish Isles.

And after enjoying time on the beach, it was time to try and remedy the buggy situation.

Success. (phew)

Time to go home for tea.

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