Sunday, 4 March 2012

And another (sunshine day).

We woke this morning to snow falling. Huge flakes softly fluttering to the ground. Clouds hid the view whilst the snow fell. In no time at all, it was white. Gradually it passed over us heading east to Calgary and Dervaig. The sun came out and by mid morning, washing was drying on the line and the snow had melted.

Sea Bone (by Matt Baker) and the Coll and Tiree Sunday ferry.

Shian and Duill in the snow this morning.

Walked up to the Sitheans this afternoon, enjoying the birch colours against the sky. They have taken on that purplish hue they get before the spring. I love the turfed dyke following the driest bit of ground. It is not that high but the views are wonderful out to Skye, Rum and Canna from there. There is one point at which I could see the white top of Ben More in the distance too over the top of the Reudle road. (Shouldn't be surprised by the snow this morning. In 2006 we made Daughter's first snowman on March 3rd! She was 5 and a half and finally there was enough snow to make a snow man.)

Lines of stones. All lifted and placed by someone. This stone line is on some flat ground out of sight above the farmhouse.

The solar PV has been in almost full production today, with hardly a cloud overhead all day.

Farmer reports that the twins (both male calves) are up and drinking fine now, so that is good news. Their mother does favour one of the first-born though, so he will keep an eye on them for a while longer. Another 2 calves born today.
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