Sunday, 13 March 2011

Puppies, sunshine and showers (of snow)

We are amazingly busy just now and so I thought I would show you some photos and will write more words another day.

Seven puppies born last Sunday. Mother and Pups doing well. If anyone can give a puppy a good home, or a rewarding working life, please get in touch. Five boys and two girls. And a power battle between Farmer and Daughter versus Me as to whether we keep one or not.

The neat job done in the Ensay Burn woodland. Cutting back the invasive rhododendron ponticum.

Sun in between showers.

Turbine Services came to service the turbine. Luckily they chose the day after the storm - if it had been too windy they could not have safely lowered the turbine for servicing.

Zoning in the farmhouse. (These gleaming copper pipes will soon be hidden behind a wall - I hope)

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