Saturday, 9 October 2010

Warm and dry start to the month of October

The unaltered image of the bracken along side the road to Calgary this afternoon. The glorious orange colour was so strong.

Some blooms hanging on in the garden as if it is not October, but July.

And the leaves are fast disappearing from the trees around the farmhouse but elsewhere on more sheltered parts of the island the autumn colours are beautiful.

As I write the first night of the Mull Rally is racing round the corners between here and Calgary. Long powerful headlights light up the sky. It is the only time of year when we can hear traffic noise at the house - and tonight the wind is blowing the noise straight at us, but it is a novelty.

No school for two weeks starting today. And so Farmer's daughter and friend spent alot of time outside climbing trees and watching Farmer dig a big hole in the garden with the digger.

Calgary campsite was full of Rally spectactors, camping and enjoying the sun, but no one on the beach - for this moment anyway.
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