Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jan settles in

It doesn't take long for a bond to form between Farmer and Dog. Jan has a sweet willing nature and in the fortnight she has been with us, she has learned the importance of close contact. And Cap has learned to share.

The Black Park is one of our species rich fields. It is closed off from grazing from April until end of August, to allow the wonderful variety of flowers to set seed. The yellow rattle seed heads have changed colour now and rattle loudly as you walk through them. When we started farming organically we had a little yellow rattle in the silage fields, and it spread very successfully over the years. depleting the grass as it went along. At one time we were quite worried about yields and so I started researching into organic methods of controlling yellow rattle, but the only references to it that I could find were about how to encourage it as it was so beneficial to enhancing wild flower meadows! At that point, we gave in to the notion of letting nature take its course. And the result all these years later is this incredibly colourful grassland, abundant with many many different wild flowers.


Black Park August colour. The Black Park is one of the fields you drive through to get to the 4 Haunn Cottages, site of one of the nesting pairs of corn crake that we have enjoyed here this summer. For details of what they are doing just now look at TreshnishBirdlog.

One man and his new dog, walking obediently behind him.

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