Friday, 23 January 2015

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A snow day

Wednesday morning and a soft pink sky.

As we left to go to Tobermory - errands including taking the recycling bins as there had been a few failed collections by the council and we can't store it forever - it began to snow, softly.

The Mishnish Lochs were still, the surface frozen and light snow falling.

Errands all done, meetings met, and coffee and cake enjoyed in the Tobermory bakery, we headed for home.  The road from Calgary to our turning was slushy, and the temperature was beginning to drop. The light was beautiful.

Before dark the sprinkling of snow had started to freeze, and was delightfully crunchy underfoot.

The sky was clear.

The stars came out.

During the course of the evening, the aurora borealis grew stronger.

Thank goodness for my thick winter boots,  Farmer's thick winter coat, and Christmas present hat and gloves.  It was cold outside.  The road was too icy to consider driving to Croig, so I had to be content with the view over the garden wall.

I took my last photograph about 1am and went off to bed.

Sunrise this morning was a delight.  The road was too icy for the school run, so truly a snow day!

The in-by ewes are now in the field beside Haunn, and they seem very pleased to see the Farmer in the morning.

During the day today, the little snow we had has all but melted.  Shian's roof was nearly finished and the hole for Duill's last window was knocked through.

Farmer went to clear up the rubble and ended the day with a debilitating puncture.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Breakfast at sunrise

A buzzard (wrong lens) fly past.

The Duill lochan had a fine layer of ice this morning.

Farmer had to rugby tackle one of the tups this morning as he had twine on his leg.  Brownie took advantage of Farmer being otherwise engaged to start his breakfast before everyone else.

Into the Haunn field, and the ewes were waiting.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

A sprinkling of sheep

It has been a beautiful day.  We woke to a powdering of snow - other parts of the island had A LOT more. 

The sun was clearly on its way, but it takes a good while before it reaches the fields below the house, where the hoggs were waiting for Farmer.

8 Barnacle geese flew off as we approached.

We made a trip to Dervaig to the shop, where we collected our paper. There was not going to be a postal delivery today as the roads are too bad.

The Loch Cuin narrows were looking lovely.  As were the snow flakes over the fields just before Calgary.

We had seen this dead ewe yesterday on the beach but couldn't see her ear tag to see which farm she might have belonged to.  The Black backed gulls and Hooded crows were enjoying the carrion.  Today Farmer went to have a look.  She was one of ours.  He will go and get her tomorrow.  It does sometimes happen that they graze out on to the rocks and get stranded, or washed into the sea.  Not good.

Once home, the dogs needed walking and Farmer wanted to show me some drainage he needs to do in the Coronation Meadow.

We stopped off to see the new colours in West Cottage bedroom and bathroom, which look very smart.

And the ewes in the Black Park seemed to be enjoying the late afternoon sun as much as we were.

Alice was in a very friendly mood.

And as I looked back towards Haunn and over to Tiree there was an ice rainbow.  A lovely end to the walk.   Farmer closed up the cattle shed and got the dog food onto soak.  Back to Dervaig to collect Daughter before the temperature dropped too much, and froze the wet roads.

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