Sunday, 21 September 2014

The wonder of webs, and sheep work.

On Tuesday Farmer is going to market in Oban, this time with the old ewes.  Then on Friday we are going to try Fort William market as we haven't sold there before, and hope it might be a good sale.  It is always a lottery though, and we won't know until we have the cheque in our hand.  J came over to help sort the different lots out.

Here Farmer is checking to see whether this wedder lamb is still 'entire' or not. If he is then he will have a yellow dot put on his head to mark him separately from the others.  He was.

The rose hips round the Studio and Shieling gardens are being enjoyed by all the garden birds at the moment.

Across Loch na Keal, looking at Ben More.

Evening light at Ulva Ferry.

I enjoyed another foray into spider world this morning.   There was a heavy dew so the webs were looking wonderful.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

An unbelievably beautiful day.

Coco has learned to sit quite still when I am bent double over flowers and bushes - she sat patiently while I enjoyed the autumn colours in the heathers this morning in the woodland near the Old Schoolhouse.

Walter looked after the washing.

A buzzard sat on the top of the owl box. And Farmer and I went to Ulva for lunch.  Well, it was the most incredible day and we couldn't waste it, and the Boathouse would be closing soon, and we wanted to drop marrows off for Jeanette at her new restaurant Ballygown.  (There are lots of enterprising young women in the Ulva ferry area.)

A fisherman caught tiny pollock (and put them back in the water).  I could see them swimming around as the sea was so calm.

Donald had to go and get more oysters on the way back to Ulva.

I loved the red bucket.

After lunch in the sun at the Boathouse, delicious as ever, we walked the short circuit.  It was beautiful as ever, and really warm.

Autumn was really in the air.  We stopped for cake and tea on the way back to the ferry.  Thank you Boathouse and Donald for another lovely visit.

At Calgary we waited for the school bus in the sum spotting dragonflies.

I had to go back to Ulva Ferry for a meeting in the evening.  The bonus was the beautiful sunset.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dolphins at our feet

The early morning light was beautiful this morning. 

It was utterly magical to find our view was enhanced by the sighting (by Daughter) of a small pod of Bottlenose Dolphins!

It would have helped to have had a longer lens.

Lots of folk were enjoying their antics in the water.

Finally they left us to get on with the day. Meetings resumed and finished and emails answered in the office.

Out to check on the Point for a potentially misplaced ewe.  And perhaps catch another sighting of the bottlenose dolphins.

The glorious day didnt stop there. A buzzard posed in the Black Park.  And we had a brief beach moment at Calgary as the sun was beginning to set.

And remember it is still only September...
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